Feminism/Pro-Life Debate Poster

So the next poster I had to do for The Phil was for a debate this coming Thursday. The topic is ‘TTH Believes the Pro-Life Movement is Incompatible with Feminism’. I had many different idas for this, but when I tried them out, they didn’t really work as I had hoped. The first was inspired by the work of Marion Bolognesi:

Marion Bolognesi

My attempt is not nearly as skilled, but I’m still happy with it. However,as much as I tried, it just didn’t work as the image for a poster for this debate.

Watercolour Eyes

I then moved onto working on the image of a baby within the womb, of course relating to ‘Pro-Life’. I liked da Vinci’s sketches and wanted to incorporate them somehow into the final image. Unfortunately, this style still did not work as a poster for this debate.


This is the final poster. I went with purple and pink and then orange as their complimentary color. The purple and pink reflects how this is a topic specifically about the female gender. The main motif is a baby in the fetal position curled inside the main body of the symbol for the female gender. The extension of parts of the letters is compatible with the extension of the cross out from the central circle. Finally, the cross shape that creates the identifiable female gender symbol is also meant to reflect the Latin cross of Christianity, as the Pro-Life movement is very much entrenched in Christianity. Unfortunately, the color is much more saturated online than it is as a printed version.

Feminism/Pro-Life Poster