Feminism/Pro-Life Debate Poster

So the next poster I had to do for The Phil was for a debate this coming Thursday. The topic is ‘TTH Believes the Pro-Life Movement is Incompatible with Feminism’. I had many different idas for this, but when I tried them out, they didn’t really work as I had hoped. The first was inspired by the work of Marion Bolognesi:

Marion Bolognesi

My attempt is not nearly as skilled, but I’m still happy with it. However,as much as I tried, it just didn’t work as the image for a poster for this debate.

Watercolour Eyes

I then moved onto working on the image of a baby within the womb, of course relating to ‘Pro-Life’. I liked da Vinci’s sketches and wanted to incorporate them somehow into the final image. Unfortunately, this style still did not work as a poster for this debate.


This is the final poster. I went with purple and pink and then orange as their complimentary color. The purple and pink reflects how this is a topic specifically about the female gender. The main motif is a baby in the fetal position curled inside the main body of the symbol for the female gender. The extension of parts of the letters is compatible with the extension of the cross out from the central circle. Finally, the cross shape that creates the identifiable female gender symbol is also meant to reflect the Latin cross of Christianity, as the Pro-Life movement is very much entrenched in Christianity. Unfortunately, the color is much more saturated online than it is as a printed version.

Feminism/Pro-Life Poster


Doodle Portrait

It was my Mom’s Birthday a while ago, and for a kind of original and personal collection of presents, she asked family and friends to make a picture to hang on the wall. She bought a bunch of the same picture frames in IKEA for us all to use, and let us make whatever we wanted. Unfortunately, I was too busy during the school term to make a picture that would be good enough. So since the summer’s begun, I’ve been working on the portrait.

It combines two aspects of art that I’m into – stencil, inspired by the works of Banksy and such, and doodling. I consider myself a ‘doodle addict’, and if the name weren’t so silly, I might admit it more. Any length of time with a blank page, a pen and zero concentration becomes a breeding ground for doodles.

So i had this idea of combining the two in some way. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, but it wasn’t until I started Googling ‘doodle portrait’ that I found exactly what was hiding in the back of my mind. This British girl, Rosie Apps, creates these incredible ‘doodle portraits’, along with other amazing stuff, and post them on her website, http://www.rosieapps.com. I can’t continue this post without saying how inspiring and contemporary her work is.

The portrait I made is an illustration of a photo of me and my sister when we were in New York. I had to change the size of my head in the final piece because it’s very big in the photo (and in real life), and not very flattering.

Here’s the final picture. Click it to see it larger.

And yes, my mum liked the picture.

The Evolution of Girls’ Hockey

My school, Wesley College, is celebrating 100 years of co-education this year (i.e both girls and boys being in the school). As part of it, my English teacher is compiling a book about the history of girls in the school. So, she asked me to make a picture illustrating in some way ‘the evolution of girls’ hockey’.

The result is based upon that well-known illustration of the Evolution of Man, with the monkey turning into the human:

I took that concept and then combined it with the movement you make when you hit a hockey ball and the different stages of that movement. The shot I used was a ‘drag flick’ shot because it’s a lot more interesting than a standard pass:

To get each stage of the shot I had to watch videos on drag flicking and then pause it and draw the position. Then I took the different stages of hockey in the school, from 1911 to 2011, and drew in the characters into the movement so it’s almost chronological. I scanned them in separatly and stuck them together in Photoshop:

Finally I jut added in the dates and a bit of red, because that’s the school colour. The image is quite wide so you might want to click on it to get a better view:

Doodle Shoes

This is something I made last year. I bought a cheap pair of white Keds in Penny’s, but I felt they looked a bit uninteresting and uninspiring, so I thought I’d try to instill a bit of imagination in them with a black marker. It was a nice exercise because I hadn’t really experiment on such an unusual canvas. The design itself is not meant to make sense. It’s simply just whatever popped into my head while I was drawing on it. In the end I think they turned out quite well, and I haven’t worn them for fear of ruining the design.

Treadmills for Everyone

I was in the gym, running on the treadmill, thinking about how ingenius this machine is. It just keeps you running perpetuallly in the same distance. You could cover the distance of the World from the corner of a room. Then I started thinking (you have a lot of time to think on these things) about why it’s only being used for one type of sport – running. Here are some other sports that could benefit with a treadmill: