‘J-Soc’ Logo Design

A second logo I’ve recently been asked to design is for Trinity’s Jewish Society. Another member of the Phil is the recently appointed treasurer of the Jewish Society, and asked me to design a logo for the relatively small society. There aren’t that many Jewish emblems, so it was really only the Star of David that I could use for this. It struck me how similar the symbol is to an asterisk, albeit with truncated branches. I used that idea for some of the designs. This was the final page of designs:

Jewish Soc logo


The names vary in each logo. That’s because I wasn’t really given the official name for the society, so i just went with whatever fitted the design. In the end, they went for ‘J-Soc’ and chose the design on the top right:

J-Soc logo final


‘Phil Speaks’ Logo Design

I’ve been asked by a couple of people in the Phil Society to design logos for Phil events in the coming year, or for other societies they’re involved in. The first of these is a logo for a debating competition organised by the Phil for secondary school students. I had a number of ideas that played on images of speech bubbles and quotation marks. This was the final page of ideas:

Phil Speaks logo


This was the final logo that was chosen:

Phil Speaks logo final


The font is Sketchblock (www.dafont.com/sketch-block.font), and it works well as it has a handwritten feel to it that is appropriate for a school debating competition. Maroon is the colour of the Phil Society, so therefore the logo should also be maroon. The event Facebook page can be found here: http://tiny.cc/fyit1w