T-Shirt Designs

It’s been a long time since my last post — almost a year, in fact. Due to exams, I haven’t had time to add to this blog. However, over the summer, I had the opportunity to divulge some of my creative interests, this time looking towards t-shirt design.

The reason behind my interest is more necessity than anything else. Before I went away on holidays, I needed a couple of nice tees that were cheap and somewhat expendable, i.e, if it got ruined during the holidays, I could esily pick up another.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to find a tee that has a nice design, fits well, and is inexpensive. I did find some plain white tees in H&M that were cheap and well-fitting. Then I thought, why not just create the nice design myself?

So I bought the t-shirts, cut the stencils, and sprayed the design with standard spray paint. Unfortunatly, standard spraypaint fades off fabric after several washes, so at the moment, I’m looking for fabric spray paint before creating any more designs.

In the first design, you might notice that three of the letters are in black spray paint. It spells out ‘ART’, because I thought it would neat to hide an alphabetical word related to the t-shirt within the design.