Bullying Awareness Poster

Last week was Bullying Awareness Week in my school. This week involves a whole range of activities that have a common anti-bullying message. The art department organize poster competitions, the english department organize poetry competitions, the music department organize song competitions and the maths department stay in their dank, little rooms doing equations, because maths is an emotionless subject. Just kidding. I’m sure the rooms aren’t that little.

Anyway, here’s my entry for the poster competition. It’s really just about how words can take over and make you suffer. You may notice the style is similar to a portrait I made over the summer that I’ve posted here earlier.

Ironically, there’s no capital G or B in the picture, because they’re my initials. I thought that if in a regular picture, the only letters are the artist’s initials, what if I put everything except my initials in it?

(If you don’t see it, it’s a picture of a girl crying. Some people don’t see it first time.)