Doodle Portrait

It was my Mom’s Birthday a while ago, and for a kind of original and personal collection of presents, she asked family and friends to make a picture to hang on the wall. She bought a bunch of the same picture frames in IKEA for us all to use, and let us make whatever we wanted. Unfortunately, I was too busy during the school term to make a picture that would be good enough. So since the summer’s begun, I’ve been working on the portrait.

It combines two aspects of art that I’m into – stencil, inspired by the works of Banksy and such, and doodling. I consider myself a ‘doodle addict’, and if the name weren’t so silly, I might admit it more. Any length of time with a blank page, a pen and zero concentration becomes a breeding ground for doodles.

So i had this idea of combining the two in some way. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, but it wasn’t until I started Googling ‘doodle portrait’ that I found exactly what was hiding in the back of my mind. This British girl, Rosie Apps, creates these incredible ‘doodle portraits’, along with other amazing stuff, and post them on her website, I can’t continue this post without saying how inspiring and contemporary her work is.

The portrait I made is an illustration of a photo of me and my sister when we were in New York. I had to change the size of my head in the final piece because it’s very big in the photo (and in real life), and not very flattering.

Here’s the final picture. Click it to see it larger.

And yes, my mum liked the picture.


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