The Evolution of Girls’ Hockey

My school, Wesley College, is celebrating 100 years of co-education this year (i.e both girls and boys being in the school). As part of it, my English teacher is compiling a book about the history of girls in the school. So, she asked me to make a picture illustrating in some way ‘the evolution of girls’ hockey’.

The result is based upon that well-known illustration of the Evolution of Man, with the monkey turning into the human:

I took that concept and then combined it with the movement you make when you hit a hockey ball and the different stages of that movement. The shot I used was a ‘drag flick’ shot because it’s a lot more interesting than a standard pass:

To get each stage of the shot I had to watch videos on drag flicking and then pause it and draw the position. Then I took the different stages of hockey in the school, from 1911 to 2011, and drew in the characters into the movement so it’s almost chronological. I scanned them in separatly and stuck them together in Photoshop:

Finally I jut added in the dates and a bit of red, because that’s the school colour. The image is quite wide so you might want to click on it to get a better view:


2 thoughts on “The Evolution of Girls’ Hockey

  1. I absolutely loved the concept behind the illustration. I liked the way the 2011 girl looks fitter, with leaner stick and the only one to be looking up.

    Keep the good work.
    Hersh Bhardwaj

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