Father’s Day

It’s been just over a week since since Fathers’ Day, and unfortunatly I haven’t had the oportunity to update this and show you what I got. You see, my Dad’s into tennis, and Father’s Day came around at a pretty suitable time, what with Wimbledon on and all. I wasn’t able to afford front row seats at Centre Court, but I was able to do the next best thing. The cinema don the road is showing the Wimbledon Final and Semi-Final in 3D, and so I bought him and my Mom tickets to see the Men’s Singles Semi-Final (The Men’s Singles Final was booked out).

Of course, I couldn’t just buy a Fathers’ Day card like a normal person. Instead, I wrapped them in a tennis ball. I managed to sever the ball in half, put the tickets in, stick it back together, and serve it up to him. I can honestly say, my parent’s ‘love’-ed it.

1) Here’s the match ticket and the tennis ball (before I mutilated it).

2) I then cut the tennis ball in halve, as obviously shown.

3) Then I stuck on a peice of double-sided sticky tape, cut around the circumference of the halved edge and then peeled away the top layer to make it attachable again.

4) Couldn’t forget to put the ticket in aswell!

5) I then fitted the two sides back together snuggly. It held well, and you can hardly see the scar. I also wrote ‘Happy Fathers’ Day’ onto it, but it’s surprisingly difficult to write on a tennis ball.


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