During the last college term I was asked to design the cover for the Trinity College Social & Political Review. I agreed, and decided I’d break away from the conventional block colour that had been used. I illustrated the University’s famous campanile in Front Square as the cover. Here is the finished product:

IMG_4298 IMG_4297 IMG_4294 IMG_4292IMG_4299


Halloween Costume

Here is a quick and inexpensive (bar one element) Halloween costume I made last year. I’ve seen some quirky costumes, and I especially liked ones that are unconvential, ones that are of things that seem impossible to  replicate in costume form, e.g. board games, websites. I went out on Halloween dressed as Youtube.

I screenshot a Youtube site, and then printed it out across six A4 pages. I stuck these pages together on a piece of foam board, creating one image. I then strung the board to another piece of foam board to make it wearable.

The key element was cutting out a square from the screen area and putting my Android tablet in behind it and sealing it there with duct tape. It meant my costume was actually Youtube, I could play any Youtube video. I actually just put Wrecking Ball on repeat for the whole night, but the costume got a great reaction even though it was relatively simple.

I realise the presence o the tablet doesn’t make the costume particularly cheap, but if you do have a tablet/iPad/phablet, it can be a great addition to the costume.

IMG_4301IMG_4303IMG_4312 IMG_4306Here is photo from the night, of me wearing the costume while eating a chicken fillet roll:


MasquaRave Mask

MasquaRave is an annual event that occurs in my University. The event is a masquerade ball themed as a rave, and it’s held in a large castle somewhere in the countryside. I didn’t want to bring a boring conventional mask, so I took inspiration from what my Mom does with furniture. She takes old furniture and ‘up-cycles’ them by decorating them in layers of comic book, or old newspapers, or sheet music, and then sells them on for a profit:


I tried a similar style when making my masquerade mask. I didn’t want to settle for a boring black mask, I wanted something different and noticeable, so these are the results:

IMG_4285 IMG_4282 IMG_4281 IMG_4291

It looked great! Here’s the only photo of it I could get from the night:


Poster Update

Here are some of the posters I’ve done for the Phil Society since startying back in college in September. As you can see, most are for the Bram Stoker Club, which is a sub-society of the Phil that does weekly paper-readings on a range of topics:

(Unfortunately, the colour on some seems to alter when I upload the images)

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‘J-Soc’ Logo Design

A second logo I’ve recently been asked to design is for Trinity’s Jewish Society. Another member of the Phil is the recently appointed treasurer of the Jewish Society, and asked me to design a logo for the relatively small society. There aren’t that many Jewish emblems, so it was really only the Star of David that I could use for this. It struck me how similar the symbol is to an asterisk, albeit with truncated branches. I used that idea for some of the designs. This was the final page of designs:

Jewish Soc logo


The names vary in each logo. That’s because I wasn’t really given the official name for the society, so i just went with whatever fitted the design. In the end, they went for ‘J-Soc’ and chose the design on the top right:

J-Soc logo final

‘Phil Speaks’ Logo Design

I’ve been asked by a couple of people in the Phil Society to design logos for Phil events in the coming year, or for other societies they’re involved in. The first of these is a logo for a debating competition organised by the Phil for secondary school students. I had a number of ideas that played on images of speech bubbles and quotation marks. This was the final page of ideas:

Phil Speaks logo


This was the final logo that was chosen:

Phil Speaks logo final


The font is Sketchblock (www.dafont.com/sketch-block.font), and it works well as it has a handwritten feel to it that is appropriate for a school debating competition. Maroon is the colour of the Phil Society, so therefore the logo should also be maroon. The event Facebook page can be found here: http://tiny.cc/fyit1w


Feminism/Pro-Life Debate Poster

So the next poster I had to do for The Phil was for a debate this coming Thursday. The topic is ‘TTH Believes the Pro-Life Movement is Incompatible with Feminism’. I had many different idas for this, but when I tried them out, they didn’t really work as I had hoped. The first was inspired by the work of Marion Bolognesi:

Marion Bolognesi

My attempt is not nearly as skilled, but I’m still happy with it. However,as much as I tried, it just didn’t work as the image for a poster for this debate.

Watercolour Eyes

I then moved onto working on the image of a baby within the womb, of course relating to ‘Pro-Life’. I liked da Vinci’s sketches and wanted to incorporate them somehow into the final image. Unfortunately, this style still did not work as a poster for this debate.


This is the final poster. I went with purple and pink and then orange as their complimentary color. The purple and pink reflects how this is a topic specifically about the female gender. The main motif is a baby in the fetal position curled inside the main body of the symbol for the female gender. The extension of parts of the letters is compatible with the extension of the cross out from the central circle. Finally, the cross shape that creates the identifiable female gender symbol is also meant to reflect the Latin cross of Christianity, as the Pro-Life movement is very much entrenched in Christianity. Unfortunately, the color is much more saturated online than it is as a printed version.

Feminism/Pro-Life Poster